Photography by Sam Jones


Born and raised in southern California, I would spend my summers traveling along the pacific coast. One summer while visiting family in northern California, the natural beauty of the landscape and the pacific coast really caught my eye, and the images I got from a little point and shoot camera got me hooked. Soon after that trip, I got my first Canon camera as a birthday gift from my wife.

Over the next few years, I found myself wanting to know more about what my camera could do. As I started reading everything I could get my hands on about photography, I realized this was an art form that would enable me to express myself by showing others what I see in the world as a photographer. I soon found myself taking classes on photography. The art of photography had now turned to a true passion and my love for nature and the ocean grew from there.

I have been pursuing nature and wildlife photography since 2004. My photography is all about the Pacific Northwest. I love to travel all along the west coast. The Northern California coast and the Oregon coast are my favorite spots to go to spend time capturing the beauties of the natural world. I use my camera to create a visual story, to capture the essence and spirit of the moment.

Photography isn’t about just one thing…. It’s about many things. It’s as much about what it says to someone else as it is about what it says to me.

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